Stamps of Radio Stations by Continents and Countries

Most countries have radio stations, state and/or privately own, and many of these countries have also issued stamps with motives related to radio stations. In 2011 I created a list, a Word file with stamps depicting DX related motives e.g. radio stations and transmitting facilities. It is originally based on the booklet DX-Philately with supplements issued by Christer Brunström beginning of the 1980-ies. I have also searched various web pages to gather information.

It starts with a listing of 125 stamp countries with corresponding ITU code*) arranged by continents. By clicking on a country you will go to the stamps of that country. The ITU codes are used as bookmarks for each country.

*) Some ITU codes are created by the author as some old radio countries do not have any.


The listing for each stamp contains the date, Michel No., denomination and a description of the design of the stamp.  You can mark the stamps you have in your collection in the last two columns for each stamp (some late Michel Nos. are still missing).


If you are interested of this list, now the 3rd edition, please contact me at  lennart(at)weirell,se.

If you want to see some examples of radio stamps, look under the tab Radiofilateli.



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