Hartwell's Impression "Chloe"

Hartwell's Impression

Collie LH
Susannah Sihto Kennel Hartwells
Föräldrar Mormor och morfar Mormors mor och mormors far Mormors mormor och mormors morfar
  • Runnerway Atlas
  • SE64159/2010
  • 2010-10-23
  • Collie LH
Sunwind's Be Famous
  • Collie LH
Moonhill's Here I Go Again
Karava Kaffir
Moonhill's Always In Action
Takanja's Fearless In Blue
Hawkeire's Spirit O'Barksdale
Ella Fitzgerald Av House Of Blue
Phrostmade's Surprice In Black
  • Collie LH
Rockwoods Ambitious Answer
Tricounty's Final Answer
Rockwood Blonde Ambition
Lakefield Love Kiss Of Liable
Lakefield Love In My Heart Of Liable
Lakefield Liebling Of Liable
  • Be Exclusive's All You Need Is Love
  • SE52652/2011
  • Collie LH
Steadwyn Major Triumph
  • Collie LH
Lakefield Lars Of Liable
Lakefield Lord Jack Of Liable
Lakefield Lukka Of Liable
Steadwyn Fashion N'Passions
Bermarks Hadrian
Seabound's She's In Fashion
Be Exclusive's Sound Of Silence
  • Collie LH
Be Exclusive's Memorymaker
Rollington Fidusen
Twin Acres Queen Of Hearts
Twin Aeres Priscilla Alden
Twin Acres Patrick Henry
Twin Acres Beloved