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Time Plays © Percival

Time Plays

Time Plays by Percival                                                                         

Poems, poetic letters, prose, plays, and autobiographical words … there is no lack of playful words in Time Plays. The first (limited) edition was published in 1999, and in August that year at Shakespeare & Company, Paris, the author recited some of his Time Plays poems.

This new, illustrated, revised and enlarged edition has no limits.

One of the texts is a speech called “The Solar Consciousness Era”, and at the end of the book you can read: ‘Who is a Human Being in Time’s Play?’

Once the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett wrote to the author (living in Stockholm, Sweden): ‘Best wishes for the future of Time Plays.’ Now the future is here and Time Plays.

  Percival (first name and surname) is the author of many books in Swedish and a few in English. He has exhibited his paintings and photographs, composed experimental world music and directed some of his own plays and a play by Beckett. Play Time Music was first performed in Quito, Ecuador , in 2002. In the year 2004 his musical choreo-drama The Waves. For Mary Magdalene was a part of the first summer festival at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt . In 2014 an unlimited edition of his book Letters to Shanti was published, a book written on four continents to a woman called Shanti, a name and a Sanskrit word of great importance in the book The Waste Land by the poet T.S. Eliot.

 Time Plays (302 pages) can be ordered from any bookshop e.g. http://adlibris.se and http://www.gml.se

Time Plays © Percival

Back cover: The author in New Mexico

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27.02 | 13:38

Fantastisk bok Ung poet i Orienten!

08.12 | 22:34

Det är din systerdotter Charlotte som skriver. Var nyfiken på din hemsida. Skriver själv mer och mer. Take care.

30.10 | 07:09

Kul titel.Och tänk att den finns även som E-bok!
Hur når jag dig Percival via mail? The one I just sent returned.
Please enlighten me here.
A bientôt

04.07 | 23:59

Tack för nyheten, Percival det här att boken nu finns som e-bok ska underlätta för alla som inte velat eller kunnat läsa pappersboken!
Mvh Torgny

Du gillar den här sidan