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Some Quest Books by Swedish Writer Percival

Percival – author of novels, plays, essays, poetry, and drama


Den röde riddaren och hans drömda världar

(The Red Knight and his Dreamed Worlds)


A novel where  the quest takes the Red Knight through a series of inner and outer adventures. Medieval chivalric time, our present world, and the visionary future are the stages of his quest. The book starts in the Holy Land, among the rolling hills of Galilee and Jerusalem. The Knights Templar are there in the background, and the Cathars in medieval Southern France come alive as we follow this in-depth spiritual journey into the roots of European culture. This novel reaches the worlds of dream and vision, enters these worlds, and we are enriched by this experience which allows a clearer view of the overall situation of our present global transition process. The poetic language of the novel gives this quest its very special touch of originality and excitement.


Mitt liv är mitt

(My Life is Mine)


In the light of the ancient Egyptian myth of Horus – son of Isis and Osiris –, seen through his all-seeing eyes, we are shown a small village in the mountains of Northern Sweden. We follow a child who grows up in this rural setting to become a young man who is inspired by the treasure of Europe's fairy tales, tales of Arabian Nights, and the great modern Poetry. He takes the leap and follow his intuition. He travels far in the world, he meets a girl he calls The Daughter of the Red King, and at the end of this book of epiphanies there is a transformation which initiates a new way of living.


Den nya människans historia – Lasarustecknet

(The New Man's History – The Sign of Lazarus)


This novel by Percival is inspired by medieval European chivalric initiation. It is a story of the Resurrection, a present-day Lazarus experience, and a vision of the future possibilities of mankind, rising out of the ashes of Time's battle-field.


Quetzalcoatls återkomst. Ett mexikanskt äventyr

(The Return of Quetzalcoatl. A Mexican Adventure)


The Mexican god-hero Quetzalcoatl, The Feathered Serpent, is in many ways present as a protagonist in this novel. He is a shamanistic guide who through his myth and age-old legends directs the unfolding of the  quest through ancient and modern Mexico. In this way the author and the reader become initiated into the ancient wisdom of the Mexican Indian people, an insight into life which casts a light upon everyone's everyday life. The book was originally inspired by a very vivid dream – a poem of a creation myth – which took the author all the way across the ocean to Mexico. In the myth of Quetzalcoatl, symbol of creativity, peace, and enlightened awareness, his return means a turn of events that will open a new era's day. When the ninth infernal 52-year period after the conquest in 1519 comes to an end, the re-emergence of Quetzalcoatl is gradually taking place on the world stage. When? Now.

     "The Return of Quetzalcoatl. A Mexican Adventure" by Percival has been published in Swedish, September 2011. Swedish title: "Quetzalcoatls återkomst. Ett mexikanskt äventyr". Publisher: CKM Förlag, Stockholm (phone number: 46-8-6513970). 

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27.02 | 13:38

Fantastisk bok Ung poet i Orienten!

08.12 | 22:34

Det är din systerdotter Charlotte som skriver. Var nyfiken på din hemsida. Skriver själv mer och mer. Take care.

30.10 | 07:09

Kul titel.Och tänk att den finns även som E-bok!
Hur når jag dig Percival via mail? The one I just sent returned.
Please enlighten me here.
A bientôt

04.07 | 23:59

Tack för nyheten, Percival det här att boken nu finns som e-bok ska underlätta för alla som inte velat eller kunnat läsa pappersboken!
Mvh Torgny

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