Obedience for Kenth Svartberg

In september, we went to a great weekend class at the Antrozoologisenteret i Ås outside Oslo - given by the super competent Swedish etologist and dog trainer Kenth Svartberg. On Friday there was theory to be listened too, and then onto the green fields on Saturday and Sunday.
Kane usually gets a bit "nosy" at this place, even though he's a city dog used to other dogs all over the place - but this time he was a bit too tempted; someone actually brought a female in heat to the class without telling the owner of the only participating male dog (me!). I was quite unfair to Kane at the first run, I realized that after even Ponny - King of cool himself - got whiny about this girl.
But once we got past that obstacle, and moved a bit away, Kane showed what he is capable of - and how fast and intense he can be.
I learned a lot, now I have to see if I manage to take this into our training - and become more organized and thorough! (Thanks to Kjersti for great pictures of us)

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03.09 | 18:52

Looks awesome! I need to go on a trip like that! :)


28.03 | 12:17

Så kul å høre fra dere! Du fant bilder av det flotte søskenparet i yngre dager?
Vi er på Facebook også, blant annet på den norske Lancashireheelerklubben!

28.03 | 12:10

Hej Gitte och Pony!
En hälsning från din åldrande syster i Sverige Little Lupi, Luppan. Roligt att titta på bilderna! / Lollo och Luppan

14.10 | 18:15

Takk Nina, hyggelig å høre!

Du gillar den här sidan