Ready for the trip to Sweden with female companions, here at Gry's house.

Ponny was decidedly unhappy about the travelling arrangements...

But with pleasant breaks, frolicking at green roadsides, made up for the many hours in the car

Then we met four lovely puppies at Else's farm! Tillie's new pups after Skinner. Kane wonders what on earth Else has in her house this time, and gets a very long neck!

Ponny meets up with young Rooster, telling him who's still the boss

Hungry all the time, and mother Tillie gettin fed up with sister Bella watching

Happy ears!

The only blue one, a busy little girl

The family members are good helpers with the pups

Sweet puppy

Bella strikes the family pose...

And here's the next generation sitting too...

Kane and Ponny meets young Rooster

Kane enjoying chewing on a stick with sister Bella

Kane with little blue niece

Hey, Kane's back to riding the farm car again - riding in style on a tire to get the best view

Mournful eyes... sweet Calle

The wild Selin bunch!

A temporary lunch break... these pics are published in cronological order!

And then back to activity again, bothering good mother Tillie

Walking with Ma

This was NOT easy to get a picture of!

The blue girl...



With mother Tillie

Pim grants a grand child a little favor

Bella is patient

The cute little red girl

Calle again

Rooster with ears up

After a long day, Kane decided to investigate the stuffed badger that for some reason had been sitting in Else's car, and then was placed on the veranda

It might be dead, but Kane's not sure

It stares at him...

So he went in for the cattledog pinch. After that, we decided to leave it relatively unharmed...

In the Summer of 2009, we again visited Else's farm - this time in company with Gry and her two red cattlegirls Izzie and Step, making for a real big family get together.
Else had a new litter - with Tillie, Kane's half sister, as the mother and Skinner as father. Gry is the breeder of Skinner, and her two girls are his mother and sister. It was some lively days!
Gry and I managed to squeeze the puppy visit, two days of herding and the Swedish specialty into a few hectic days! Here are some photos from the trip.
It is nice to see how so many dogs, three generations of cattledogs with visiting Norwegians relatives, all get along!!!

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03.09 | 18:52

Looks awesome! I need to go on a trip like that! :)

28.03 | 12:17

Så kul å høre fra dere! Du fant bilder av det flotte søskenparet i yngre dager?
Vi er på Facebook også, blant annet på den norske Lancashireheelerklubben!

28.03 | 12:10

Hej Gitte och Pony!
En hälsning från din åldrande syster i Sverige Little Lupi, Luppan. Roligt att titta på bilderna! / Lollo och Luppan

14.10 | 18:15

Takk Nina, hyggelig å høre!

Du gillar den här sidan