It's always amazing... having been this small, Ponny grew up to be like on this next picture...

A big, brave unflinching grown dog like he is now.

Together with his mother Thea and his litter mates.

Ponny and his brother Pondus.

Ponny as a puppy, just a few months old.

A long little pup... checking out the water.

His trademark tail was showing already when he was this young.

About the time I realized that his ears would not be able to come up. Who cares about ears when you have an expression like that - with those eyes?

Ponny, one year old, playing a bit pushy with hos father Cuthbert in Sweden.

Ponny and his sweet sister, who lives in Sweden, and who also can sit like a squirrel!

Two browns of a different shade.

A brother of Ponny's, Linus, living in Fredrikstad, has a different liver and tan color.

Ponny started his show career as an adult going Best of Breed, and placing as Group 4

Ponny posing, he must be about two years old here.

His first Norwegian Winner Title in 2003. He has two more.

Ponny's best show off-tail, making an impression on a young male puppy at a heeler meet.

Ponny meets Thomas, and the tail is closing on his ears.

These two take their time saying hello, using a lot of signals with their posture, eyes, tails, very slowly and surely.

As usual, they have a peeing show of strength... and get their thing "said".

My sister with her Lapponian Herder Hattu, who is younger than Ponny.

There is no coincidence that Ponny has jumped onto this box. He will use everything, including trying to gain height, to get the respect he wants!

Running with his best mate Mac the Whippet. Muscle boys!

Here comes trouble - for someone else! This is an unbeatable team!

Mac likes showing off his running.

Body wrestling, Whippet and Heeler style, which is somewhat similar.

Ponny with a young friend.

And another one, Alex, who is a favorite playmate.

Meeting Pondus, Ponnys big black and tan brother.

Ponny fetches the slippers.

This photo made the front page of the Swedish Heeler magazine, when we were still in the warmth.

Ponny taking part in a Pet fashion shop at our local dog design place, the Pet Shop Girls.

Panter also participated, here they are both wearing pink!

This picture made it into the national newspapers, as well as in a lady's magazine.

Ponny the figher pilot!

Out walking in the winter with Panter, his faithful protector and best friend for five years.

Out in the woods.. at Dausjøen in Maridalen.

Ponny doing his meercat imitation...

Here in practical use, out hunting!

A young Ponny with park friend Laika, competing for goodies.

Alem tuller med Ponny

Ponny poses, January 27th, 2008

The boys are out on the street!

Out for a walk with Mac, March 15th, 2008

Ponny poses willingly, and volunteered after watching me try to coax Kane to stand on the same rock for tidbits

The most impressive small dog I have ever known

Running on the beach!

Ponny among the straw at Bygdøy a wonderful late winter day.

Ponny keeping Kane company at the Backamo specialty show for ACDs May 3rd.

Two cattle boys ready for something to herd...

Ponny meeting the sheep at Backamo. He is studied coolness, turning his back to them...

The sheep were crowding a bit, and when one of them stomped her front foot, Ponny took action - he will accept no attempt at scaring him.

With the sheep behaving properly again, Mr Cool returns...

... finally showing the sheep how much he really cares. What a guy!

On the ladder used in working dogs' competitions. Will yet have to be convinced to jump from rung to rung across it - like his somewhat bigger and longer corgi friend does.

A huge dumbbell to retrieve poses no problems, neither does the metal retrieve.

Lovely new portrait of the mature Ponny.

His favorite "get the cap"-number.

It looks like they both smile - this is one trick that the Ponny really likes. If left with the caps, it's in several pieces in minutes.

"They are all so focused on this orange thing, I'll think I'll go on the table to get it in the lunch break".

Ponny the co-pilot. He rides in the seat behind me, and occasionally takes a look to see if I know what I'm doing. Usually he wears his seat belt though.

Ponny, five months away from 7 years, and better looking than ever.

Full speed heeler - and that's fast! The low rider flies...

The boys are always competing...

Ponny has taken a bit of the Hyde formula, looking his meanest.

Ponny doing an elegant leap, playing together with young Brix.

Mr Evil in person! Ponny is a devil when it comes to securing all the squeaky toys for himself - here he manages to keep two toys in a firm grip while at the same time growling like a lion at Kane.

Keeping an eye on things...

Ponny is now the family's watchful eye - since Kane is a babe in the woods when it comes to guarding, and the "Panter Security" being sorely missed. So Ponny takes a strategic position as look-out

Beautiful Ponny with his eagle eyes, two weeks past his 7th birthday

Ponny making strange tracks?

Ponny posing at Hvitsten outside Oslo, a small village where an old shipping magnate decorated the center with the figureheads of his old ships.

Ponny is the born model! Again that mandatory photo shoot with wood anemones...

I used to have the command "sit squirrel" for this - but have renamed it to "do your party trick", for sitting prairie dog style like this - because this is what he will offer most often!

Dogs CAN smile. This is Ponny posing with his humoristic expression!

Dog graffiti near the club Blå in Oslo, where it seems someone has drawn Ponny doing what he often does on corners...

Ponny in a thoughtful moment at Dausjøen, June 2010

Harmony Way's Little Big Man (Foxthyme Cuthbert in Tumlex - Norw. Ch. Tumlex McAnthea).

Ponny is my wonderfully tough and faithful Lancashire Heeler, born March 13th 2002. He has earned his Norwegian Champion-title, and also his Norwegian Winner-title three times, in 2003, 2004 and 2006.

All photos are copyright protected, and may not be used without my written permission.

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Looks awesome! I need to go on a trip like that! :)

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Så kul å høre fra dere! Du fant bilder av det flotte søskenparet i yngre dager?
Vi er på Facebook også, blant annet på den norske Lancashireheelerklubben!

28.03 | 12:10

Hej Gitte och Pony!
En hälsning från din åldrande syster i Sverige Little Lupi, Luppan. Roligt att titta på bilderna! / Lollo och Luppan

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Takk Nina, hyggelig å høre!

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