A very young Kane, in a photo taken by his breeder Else Selin

Kane on the Selin farm, photo by Else

Kane strikes a pose in the sheep pen at the farm where he grew up, in a photo by Else Selin

Here is Kane with his breeder Else Selin in Sweden, ready to leave his mother Pim and sister Bella

Kane out walking the fields of native Sweden together with his first family - and a representative for his new, Ponny - before becoming a Norwegian

Kane's mother, English-bred Austmans Real Prospect (Pavesi Real Mccoy Of Austmans - Cucrodh Sunny Side Up)

Mother Austmans Real Prospect with puppies B-Benjiman and Bonanza-Belle

Kane and Bella posing in the grass

Ponny ignored the puppies on his first visit, exploring the fields instead - followed by two very curious young cattledogs

On our way home from Sweden to Norway we met up with sweet and lively sister Besse, Barabra-Besse

Besse, registered name Barabra-Besse, who earlier this day, September 23, got much praise at her first puppy show

Kane goes for his first walk in the forest outside Oslo, in the beautiful Maridalen, with Ponny as guide

The boys are playing

Watching each others back! Kane and Ponny make a good team

Kane is still peeing as a little boy!

Down the path to new adventures!

One of those rare occasions where Kane stands still for long enough to be pictured

Kane poses for a nice autumn photo in Maridalen

Running in the water is a great new pastime for an inland country boy

Learning fast, Kane is now posing almost as a pro - but keeping an eye on things

The heeler team

We are ready to take on any cow. A British heeler meets an Australian heeler

Kane admires the steadfast glance of Ponny

B-Benjiman and Ch. NV-03-04-06 Harmony Way's Little Big Man

Enjoying a bone

Still an equal physical match

Kane and Ponny playing with Malika, a new twolegged friend

Ponny, Malika and Kane

Growing up with Australian Shepherds, Chihuahuas and a Staffie, Malika is already an able "trainer" of dogs - and Ponny listens

Ponny plays tug of war

The heelerboys looking none to pleased to be asked to pose and look pretty - again

My toy! Ponny tells Kane off, as long as it lasts

Interesting ears, in the middle of the teething period

Kane tired after his afternoon walk, wanting supper instead of being photographed

Checking out new environment

Ponny was trained to run under his old friend Panter, and tries to do it with Kane, who does not stand still quite the same way!

Running in the sand!

Digging is a great pastime

Good we don't have a garden, it would just be holes...

Kane looks for ducks, Ponny admires the view

Kane looks a bit doubtful at the narrow footbridge over the Akerselva river, going over a small waterfall

Even more doubtful...

Kane looking worried

Having thought about it, let's play tug of war. As usual he needs a little time, and then it's all fine

Tug of war is bloody business for a teething young guy

The boys are on their way!

Can we go out to the girls? Kane and Ponny visiting their bird dog cousins

We want to say hello!

Everyone gathered at the porch, from left: Ponny, Szarga, Jippi, Kane, Mac and Bare in the background

Mac did not want to pose anymore and retreated to the back

Situation reversed, now Kane is on the outside wanting in, and Mac twisting his nose on the window pane

Kane on the couch with Mac

Kane is becoming a big boy. And also shows an amazing ability to blink faster than my camera's flash! For every pic of him with his eyes open, I get five of a squinting cattledog...

The cattle boys did not think the idea of posing for a Christmas card photograph was a particulary good one.

But patience, a lot of repetitions, and a squeaky toy rabbit made wonders. This is the one I chose for the card!

I though Ponny doing his Meercat imitation would be cool, but he did look a bit odd.

Sweet Christmas boys, posing with their matching apparel from Pet Shop Girls...

Christmas Kane, all decked up.

Having claimed their reward, the squeaky toy rabbit, the boys can not agree on who gets to rip it apart. So they both try. At the same time.

Ponny is visiting his "little brother" in that part of the living room which is "Kane's Corner", and which now features a new fur (fake of course) rug for him to reside on.

The two brothers, just an hour after Kane first tried to raise his voice to Ponny - in vain.

And people think these two guys are so different? Ponny and Kane mirror images each other posing on the new doggy rug.

Kane strikes his usual serious pose for pictures. At least he has stopped blinking his eyes and beating the flash! Next we will have him smile...

Stretching out... and looking forward to unleashed freedom soon.

Kane 27. januar 2008, 8 months old

Always looking at the birds.

Looking good, the young man.

Kane on the lookout

Kane 27. januar 2008, 8 months old

Kane 27. januar 2008, 8 months old

Kane 27. januar 2008, 8 months old

Kane 27. januar 2008, 8 months old

Kane 27. januar 2008, 8 months old

Kane 27. januar 2008, 8 months old

Right before a bark

Silent again... a little while

working up the tug-of-war to be the ultimate reward

Visiting our friend Alem

Kane visiting the racing stables, being the entertainment of the day together with the more cool Ponny.

March15th, 2008, the Men's Club out for a run on Bygdøy

Kane puts in an extra gear...

Closing in...

... and catching up.

The club for proud tails

For belonging to a breed coming out of the Australian outback, Kane is extraordinarily fond of water - any water

Yep, bird watching again!

Posing again, he's maturing, but is now losing his puppy coat and looks a bit slimmer

A bird flew by... and Kane got the neck of a sighthound suddenly!

Where there is water, there Kane is

Spot the grey Cattledog

Easy when it moves!

Going down to the beach, we met a lot of dogs, and the usual peeing competition starts

Kane does not let young, cocky males try to dominate him, and follows the Dachs away

But with older males, not even a tail as high as this helps...

... so down it goes!

Better to flirt and play with the girls!

Nice and springy sand to run on together with this English Setter girl

A cute, but very hairy Portuguese Water Dog lady

Kane just enjoying freedom to the fullest, running on the beach on a sunny Saturday morning

Bondi Beach next...

Still a bit cold to be swimming

Wading out to a nice girl

But there are other birds that Kane is even more fascinated by... ducks.

The three faithful friends of the Men's Club posing on the quay

First we chase Mac...

.. and then we chase Kane!

In hot pursuit...

Mac and Kane in a small body wrestling match

Then some teeth fencing...

But it's more fun to run!

If no one else will, Kane will run on his own... enjoying his freedom

Meet Kane, as well as his best friend Ponny, in everyday life.

All photos are copyright protected, and may not be used without my written permission.

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Looks awesome! I need to go on a trip like that! :)

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Så kul å høre fra dere! Du fant bilder av det flotte søskenparet i yngre dager?
Vi er på Facebook også, blant annet på den norske Lancashireheelerklubben!

28.03 | 12:10

Hej Gitte och Pony!
En hälsning från din åldrande syster i Sverige Little Lupi, Luppan. Roligt att titta på bilderna! / Lollo och Luppan

14.10 | 18:15

Takk Nina, hyggelig å høre!

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