Danser utlärda våren 2005

  Newcomer Årstagården Oldies Årstagården NewcomerII Drakensalen Novis/Intermed.Drakens.
v02 - - Lover BoyBuy Me A Drink Until The EndWhiskey In The Jar
v03 Öppet Hus - Trick Me rep.
v04 Honky Tonk Stomp,Cowboy Charleston dansträning Get Down Get Funky Mmwaah
v05 Lindi Shuffle Ballymore BoysTake A Breather m m Feel Like A Fool Feel Like A FoolCho Co Latte
v06 Cowgirl Twist California Blue,Mack The KnifeDown On The Cornerm m Black Coffee Caught In The Act
v07 Hold Me Together Reet Petite,Urban Grace m m Sweet Melody Watch Me Now
v08 rep. Slappin´Leather,Holding You m m Live Laugh Love Have Fun Go Mad
v09 Pop Da Booty ClichéCloserm m The King & I,Country 2 Step rep.
v10 A-B Whirl dansträning rep. rep.
v11 Memory Cha Cha Mysterious Girlm m Trickle, Trickle Maybe I Could
v12 Trickle, Trickle Årsmöte med fika o dans inställt inställt
v13 Country 2 Step dansträning rep. rep.
v14 Tush Push dansträning 14C Fun Push Sundown Waltz
v15 rep. Cowboy Up m m rep. Cowboy Up
v16 Come Dance With Me Derailed,Pretend m m rep. rep.
v17 Country Walkin´ Red Hot Salsam m - -

  Grupp 1 Storvreta(termin 2) Grupp 2 Storvreta Grupp 3 Storvreta
v03 rep. rep. rep.
v04 Never And Forever rep. Whiskey In The JarWatch Me Now
v05 rep. Sweet Melody Caught In The Act
v06 Buy Me A Drink rep. California BlueMariana Mambo
v07 rep. Porushka Poranya Sundown Waltz
dansträning (ej kurs)
v09 Black Coffee rep. Mysterious Girl
v10 rep. rep. rep.
v11 She Bangs Pop Da BootyJust A Memory Pot Of Gold
v12 rep. rep. rep.
dansträning (ej kurs)
v14 Ice Breaker rep. Mack The Knife
v15 rep. I Got My Baby Somebody Like You
v16 Country 2 Step rep. rep.
v17 rep. Alligator Rock rep.
v18 rep. rep. X-Rated

Danser utlärda hösten 2004

Danser utlärda våren 2004

Danser utlärda hösten 2003

  Forts. Liljeforstorg Nyb. Liljeforstorg Forts. Storvreta Nyb. Storvreta


v.36 You´re So Good Yee-Haa!, California
Freeze, Electric Slide
Foot Boogie Yee-Haa! Splish-Splash, Stitch It Up, Whole Again, Pretend, Silver Threads
v.37 Hideaway Cha, Ice Breaker Memory Cha Cha, Foot Boogie Take A Breather Foot Boogie, Sweet 16 inställt
v.38 Rock My World Fiesta Cha Cha Ice Breaker Country Walkin´ One Horse Town, Smooth Operator + rep.
v.39 Whirlwind Walz Within Easy Reach, Ghost Train You´re So Good Ghost Train Badda-Boom!Badda-Bang! +rep.
v.40 Billy Jean Ice Breaker rep. California Freeze Ballymore Boys, Hot Potato
v.41 rep. rep. Phloor Philla rep. inställt
v.42 Ballymore Boys Cowgirl Twist,Kickin´ Whole Again Ice Breaker Closer, Take A Breather
v.43 Southern Delight Smooth Operator Badda-Boom!Badda-Bang! 1000 Years (or more) Porushka Poranya + rep.
v.44 Take A Breather, Hot Potato Tush Push + rep. rep. D.H.S.S. Enchantment, You´re So Naughty, Kiss In The Dark
v.45 rep. Country 2 Step Just A Minute rep. Billy Jean, Rock My World, Reet Petite, Rosegarden + rep.
v.46 inställt 1000 Years (or more) Rock My World Within Easy Reach rep.
v.47 She Bangs + rep. She Bangs, Piece Of Cake Stitch It Up Live, Laugh, Love After Midnight, Shalala, Just A Minute, Slappin´Leather
v.48 A Wind Up Black Coffee She Bangs, Rosegarden She Bangs rep.
v.49 Just A Minute Live, Laugh, Love + rep.

Danser utlärda våren 2003

  Nybörjare, Liljeforstorg Novis/Interm., Liljeforstorg Fortsättare, Storvreta
v.3 Yee-haa!; Cowgirl Twist rep. Canadian Stomp
19/1 ÖPPEN DANS med utlärning av: Lucky Me, Closer, Gold Rush!!, It´s Alright
v.4 California Freeze Yabba Dabba Do One Horse Town
v.5 @The Hop Splish Splash; It´s A Country Thing Jitterbuggin´
v.6 Sweet 16 Hot Potato; Live, Laugh, Love Live,Laugh, Love
v.7 Kickin´ rep. + Down On The Corner Best Years Of My Life, That´s What I Like
v.8 Lucky Me It´s Ma!! Cowboy inställt
v.9 Memory Cha Cha Shakatak It´s A Country Thing
v.10 Silver Threads Senorita Margarita Midnight Waltz
ÅRSMÖTE med dans
1000 Years (or more)
v.12 One Horse Town; Red Hot Salsa rep. + Beyond The Blue Lucille
v.13 Ice Breaker Done & Dusted rep. + In My Car
v.14 Smooth Operator; Within Easy Reach Stuck On You Splish Splash
v.15 Tush Push; The Texas Twist 7th Wonder Cha Ridin´; Just A Minute
v.16 rep. rep. inställt
v.17 inställt inställt Beyond The Blue

Danser utlärda hösten 2002

  Nybörjare, Storvreta Fortsättare, Storvreta Newc/Novis/Interm.,Liljeforstorg
v.37 Cowgirl Twist, Yee-haa! D.H.S.S. Cowgirl Twist, California Freeze
Yee-haa!, D.H.S.S.
v.38 Sweet 16 Driftaway Cha Cha Break Away
@The Hop!
Chill Factor
v.39 Kickin´ rep. Silver Threads
v.40 Silver Threads Break Away Driftaway Cha Cha
Yabba Dabba Do
v.41 rep. It´s A Country Thing rep.
v.42 D.H.S.S. Kickin´ Kickin´
One Horse Town
v.43 Memory Cha Cha rep. Midnight Rendezvouz, Sweet 16
Alligator Rock
v.45 rep. Red Hot Salsa Within Easy Reach, Tush Push
California Blue
v.46 Within Easy Reach Within Easy Reach God Blessed Texas
Black Coffee
The Greatest
v.47 Tush Push Jitterbuggin´ rep.
v.48 Ghost Train Ghost Train Ghost Train, Fun Push
Whole Again
The Trail
v.49 Red Hot Salsa rep. Red Hot Salsa
Slish Splash
v.50 (förtäring och dans) (förtäring och dans) rep.

Danser utlärda våren 2002

  Newcomer,Storvreta   Newcomer,Kvarngärdet   Novis halvfart
29/1 California Freeze
Cowboy Charleston
23/1 Jitterbuggin´ 24/1 Lightning Polka
5/2 Ziggy 30/1 A Good Heart 31/1 Shalala
12/2 Sweet 16
Fuzzy Duck Slide
6/2 CCS 7/2 Scrap It, NewYork NewYork
Walking Variations
26/2 County Line Cha 13/2 Crazy Shuffle 14/2 Reet Petite
Midnight Waltz
5/3 Piece Of Cake 27/2 rep. 28/2 Jukebox
12/3 Walking Variations
Cowgirl Twist
6/3 Put Your Feet To The Beat 7/3 Silver Threads
Beyond The Blue
19/3 Tush Push 13/3 Reet Petite 14/3 rep.
26/3 The Memory Cha Cha 20/3 Silver Threads 21/3 Enchantment
9/4 Silver Threads 27/3 Singapore Swing 28/3 Kiss In The Dark
Play It Again Sam
16/4 New York New York 10/4 Rosegarden 11/4 Whole Again
Beethoven's Boogie
23/4 Foot Boogie 17/4 Shalala 18/4 Stitch It Up
7/5 Dream On 24/4 Kiss In The Dark 25/4 Summer Steam
14/5 Sex On The Beach     2/5 rep.