Born in Cantwell, Missouri, Johnny´s sister gave him his firstguitar

when he was eight. By theage of ten, he was picking and on

KFMO Radio in Flat River, Missouri with his good friends Ted

and Jack Cunningham. His first playing job was at age 11with Al

Roberts and the Missouri Playboys. His first big job was

Skeet Yancey, in St. Louis and he was about 13. They


festivals and he had a TV show once a week. From there

went to Chicago where Buddy Emmons, the great steel player,

came by and wanted to sit in with band and Johnny hired him.

Roy Meese played rhythm guitarand fronted the band.

They had a

trio in Chicago and then went on to Kennet, Missouri in

`49  they

had a big group of 5-6 playing on KBOA Radio


But they never recorded anything.

In `51 Johnny went to Oklahoma City and auditioned for Merl Lindsay and the Oklahoma Night Riders. Their girl singer, Wanda Jackson, was too young to travel with the band and could only sing on Saturdays. They did some recordings, the "Water Baby Blues" could be one and Johnny is pretty sure he was on the Staff #322 "Turner Turnpike"/"I Live For You". All recordings 1951 - 1955 Johnny was a part of. They did also TV spots and a daily radio show plus some movie shorts. They did a Mid-west tour with Pee Wee King and his Golden West Cowboys and a three week tour with Minnie Pearl. While in California they recorded a song with Jimmy Wakely. They came back to Oklahoma City and went on to Nashville and recorded four songs with Vonnie Mack (Y´vonne McGowyn) on the Columbia label: #21541 "Slowly I´m Losing You" / "Blue Mountain Waltz"
#40809 "I Live For You" / "Please Forgive Me"

From there Johnny moved to Lawton, Oklahoma to work with Little Joe Carson. He worked with Joe for about 8 months at the Southern Club in Lawton. Probably no recordings with Joe, but Merle Travis came in while Johnny was there. Little Joe was a honkytonk singer. He died at 27 following an automobile accident in 1964 while he was starting to have a major chart success with songs like "I Gotta Get Drunk (and I sure do dread it)" and "Helpless". Bear Family Records has released a CD "Hillbilly From Mars" with 33 songs, BCD-15757.

Johnny moved to Abilene and bought The Twilight Ranch Night Club with his band The Twilight Ranch Hands. The featured vocalist was Don Fager. A lot sof songs were recorded on Johnny´s label Ebony Records, among them "Date On The Corner". Johnny recorded himself singing "Looks Like We´re Thu" / "Same Old Story". While in Abilene he had a daily radio show and a weekly TV Show. In `58 his band worked on the Fat Stock Show in San Antonio, Texas, with Jimmy Dean.

After that Johnny moved to Baton Rouge. Louisiana and started working with Jimmie Davis Sunshine Bandwhen Jimmie campaigned for Gov. of Louisiana. Johnny was part of the deadhead payroll along with Moon Mullican. Johnny recordedLet the Good Times Roll”with Moon and Jimmie did the same song. Both were recorded at Decca Records in Nashville. ”Deadhead payroll” - Gov. Jimmie Davis kept them on the state payroll and put them in positions that were known as DEADHEAD PAYROLL. Inotherwords, they were not elected officials but got paid by the state but their jobs were to play guitar for Jimmie Davis. Johnny was put in the ”roll” of ”State Peach Inspector for the State of Louisiana”. Moon Mullican started off as ”Liquor Control Board for the State of Louisiana”, but they had to change because he was getting too many FREE samples. Johnny still has his plague from the State of Louisiana.

The Plainsmen Quartetwas part of the gang around the Gov. Davis and Johnny plays on one of their albums. The Quartet used to back up Johnny Horton and they are probably on Horton´s megahitNorth to Alaska” which was used in the same title movie with John Wayne.They were also in Omaha, Nebraska playing the State Fair of Omaha.

Major Bill Smith, LeCam Records, - Delbert McClinton recorded If You really Want To I´ll Go” but it was done in early 60´s. Johnny was part of the studio Ron-dels”.He never toured with Delbert. Paul English played drums and he has been with Willie Nelsonfor many years and is his road manager now. His little brother, Billy plays for Willie now.

Johnny has also played with Jimmie Swaggart, first cousin to Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley.

Hey Baby” was a big hit for Bruce Chanel. Johnny played on many of the Major Bill Smith´s productions, not on this one though.

Ray Chaney was a country singer who owned the night club Crystal Springs Ballroomin Fort Worth, where Johnny worked awhile. Ray recorded a song Johnny wrote, Contented with the Blues” on the Shaw Records.

The Miller Bros., Wichita Falls

JIMMY MCGRAW (v) w/ THE MILLER BROS. - Loco Choo Choo (4 Star 1699)

Johnny´s career led him back to Wichita Falls, Texas where he boughtThe Miller Brothers Bandand became a Johnny Miller. The booking agent was Sam Gibbs, who also booked Bob Wills.Sam called andsaid that Bob Wills was looking for a lead guitar and in 1962 Johnny Patterson became a Texas Playboy. The band headed for California to record for Liberty Records, Bob´s last album recorded in Hollywood.

Bob Wills Sings and Plays –Liberty LRP-3194/LST-7194 //Sunset 5248

Fiddles: Bob Wills, Billy Armstrong, Louis Tierney, Gene Gasaway, George Clayburn

Steel guitar: Gene Crownover

Piano: Gene Garf

Lead guitar: Johnny Patterson

Guitars: Tommy Allsup

Bass: Luke Wills

Viola: Billy Wright

Vocal backup: Billy Mize, Buzz Cason, Vikki Carr, Cliff Crofford

May 7, 1963 were these tracks recorded:

Maiden´s Prayer Instrumental

Boot Hill Drag Instrumental

Yearning (Just for You)-  Bob Wills

My Confession - Bob Wills

St. Louis Blues Bob Wills (unissued)

Big Beaver Instrumental (unissued)

May 8, 1963:

South Instrumental

Just Friends Instrumental (unissued)

Rosetta -  Bob Wills

My Mary - Bob Wills

Sittin´ On Top of the World - Bob Wills

Blues in ”A” Instrumental

Will You Miss Me When I´m Gone - Luke Wills

Snap Your Fingers - George Clayburn

Heartstrings Instrumental (unissued)

May 10, 1963 only one instrumental tune was recorded:

Don´t Let Your Deal Go Down

In Sunset Studios, Dallas, Texas 1964:

Bob Wills, The Texas Sound On Longhorn” (LP-007)

Fiddles: Bob Wills, Johnny Gimble, Gene Gasaway, George Clayburn

Piano:Benny Johnson

Steel guitar:Gene Crownover

Electric guitar:Johnny Patterson

Bass:Luke Wills

Vocal:Joe Andrews

Johnny Patterson participated on these four tracks:

Sooner Or Later (You´ll Fall) - Joe Andrews

Buffalo Twist - George Clayburn

All Night Long - Joe Andrews

You Can´t Break A Heart - Joe Andrews

Remaining songs were:

If He´s Movin´ In (I´m Movin´ Out) -  Joe Andrews

Let´s Get It Over and Done With - Joe Andrews

Faded Love Instrumental

Wills Junction Instrumental

Bob Will´s Waltz Instrumental

Old San Antonio Rose Instrumental

More details from Johnny Patterson´s life

Charley Pride was to record a live album at Panther Hall in Fort Worth and the producer Felton Jarvis called Johnny to play guitar. The album was ”Live at Panther Hall” which included the #1 hit ”Kawliga”.

Johnny has played with and produced a bunch of songs with Dean Charles, Matilda” & ”You Belong To Me”for instance.

The fiddler Merle Davis´album on Zak-Tone LPS-21736 has as producer Johnny who also plays guitar.

Jr Mitchan is a name that pops up here and there. Bass player, born in Corpus Christi, died January 3rd2005 at 72. Played withAdolf Hofner and can be heard on the DVD Adolf´s Beautiful America”. He also played bass and rhythm guitar for Bob Wills 1961 – 1962 and in 1964.

Johnny recorded an album for Glynn Duncan which was forwarded to Jr Mitchan but it is not known what happened to the material. Jr Mitchan was a salesman in San Antonio and played with the local band Bubba Littrell and the Melody Mustangs. This band has released several albums.

Mike Gross informs me that Mitchan recorded four tracks (2 45 rpms) on Johnnys Discus label but knows not if Johnny plays on these. Mike has also a Music Mill 45 rpm with Leon Rausch recorded in Fort Worth March 12th,1972 and the songs are: The Winning Card” / ”Let Your Heart Be True”. The year before Johnny recorded the album Leon Rausch Doin´ It Bob´s Way” on Discus LPS-911 with following musicians: Kenny Norman-steel guitar, Lindsey Reist-piano, JP-rhythm & lead guitar, Leon Rausch & Harlan Powell-bass, Casey Dickens, David Brown & Tommy Hargrove-drums, Tommy Camfield, Buddy Wallace, B.D. Griffin, Bobby Zellner & David Odom-fiddles. The songs are:

Home In San Antone – Maiden´s Prayer – Deep Water – Hang Your Head In Shame – San Antonio Rose – Time Changes Everything - I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do – My Confession – Corine, Corina – A Broken Heart Fo A Souvenir – A New Road Under My Wheels.


The very first version of ”Drinking Champagne” was released on Johnny´s label, Discus Records.

Johnny produced a show for Texas Touring Roster called ”Always... A Texas Playboy” with a gang of familiar Western Swingers and former Playboys: Casey Dickens-drums, Albert Talley- steel guitar, Bobby Boatright & George Uptmor-fiddles, Larry Reed-sax, L.J. Pritchett & Glynn Duncan & Carl Vaughn-vocals, Kelli Grant- piano, bass and vocal.

Johnny helped also with the Kelli Grant Showwhich have almost same

musicians: Talley, Boatright, Dickens, Uptmor, JP, and also Dave Hardin-trumpet and Bob Myerson sax and clarinet. Jeff Ebner plays drums when Dickens does not have time.

Johnny had the record company Silverfalls Records and visit this link:

CDs on the Silverfalls Records:


SR-1118 Always A Texas Playboy * Live Stage Show

SR-1107 Live In Pawhuska * The Texas Playboys

SR-1109 Pawhuska 98 * The Texas Playboys

SR-1999 99 And Counting * The Texas Playboys

SR-1201 Live In San Antonio * BOB WILLS & The Texas Playboys * THIS IS A COLLECTOR ITEM! Casey made these tapes live off the band stand. Bob Wills is talking and cutting up a lot. You´ll really enjoy these tapes.

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Played with Johnny while in Abilene with several different combos also with him at his Twilight Ranch.

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Played with Johnny while in Abilene with several different combos also with him at his Twilight Ranch.

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