Aros DX Club


 The Club

Aros DX Club (ADXC) was formed in February 1985 by some DX enthusiasts in Västerås. It was originally a local club for the Västerås area, but later it was increased to cover the Västerås - Uppsala area. Today the club stands at 8 members.

Club Bulletin


1985 - 2016 a member’s bulletin called “DX-Stunden” in Swedish was published 6 times a year - printed with an average of 20 pages each number. One of the features of this bulletin was “Tipsspalten” where you found loggings by club members, telling which stations had been heard on the various bands in the recent months. Other sections were "Värt att Veta", with news about broadcast stations, and “QSL-Cupen”, where club members reported about their latest verifications. Articles about DXing in general and about radio stations were also included.

From 2017 a club bulletin named DX-tra is sent out to members when needed, 6-7 issues a year.

How to become a Member

If you want to join ADXC - and you are most welcome - you can simply send your membership fee, for year 2023 SEK 50:-  to Swedish bank Handelsbanken. Please contact the treasurer Rolf Berglund for more info, see below. Don’t forget to send an e-mail to Rolf and to Lennart with info about yourself and address.

Members of the Board


Magnus Jesperson (MJT)  magnus(at)

Centrumvägen 5

SE-635 34 St. Sundby, SWEDEN


Secretary and chief editor for DX-tra:

Lennart Weirell (LWV)  lennart(at)                                               

Klockartorpsgatan 27 E

SE-723 44 Västerås, SWEDEN


Treasurer and contact person:

Rolf Berglund (RB)  rolf.berglund(at)

Flisavägen 22

SE-723 53 Västerås, SWEDEN


Deputy member:

Bernt-Ivan Holmberg (BIH)  beppse(at)

Collingatan 58

SE-733 32 Sala, SWEDEN 


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Kul att läsa. Jag var oxå med i UDXC och SDXF. Bodde i Umeå, producerade Substancial

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Kul att läsa! Upplivar gamla minnen från 50-talet. Har inte längre någon lämpad radio. Hälsningar från Gun (TFAE-DQÄ)

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